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domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Cake School

For 8 weeks I attended Herminia Castellano's school for Cake Designers (Decoraciones Cakeland), I wonderful experience where I learnt from the most basic, to the most incredible techniques for cake decorating.

Here are some pictures:

Then in order to "graduate" from school, we |had to show what we had learnt and design a cake based on a specific topic chosen by our teacher. This time the theme was St Valentine's day. For this we first had to make a sketch of the dummy cake for the exhibition that was approved by our teacher. Then we worked on it for 3 weekends (both saturdays and sundays), until we received our grades on the exhibit.

So, here are the pics of my cake, I really hope you like them!!!

miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Welcome 2012!!!

So this was the last cake of 2011...

If I have to describe last year, I'd say it was full of ups and downs... On the down side, my sis had cancer and we were absolutely devastated for it... But all our family and friends were there for us, showing their unconditional love and support. That was the main driver of her getting better! That, and love, of course! She now lives in Spain, far away from us, but happy, in love and more importantly... HEALTHY!

On the "Up" side of things, I also discovered my passion for cake decorating... I have loved to bake ever since I can remember, but cake decorating gathers all things that I love doing! So I'm also thankful for that :)

So when my sister came to visit us to spend X-mas with us we were more than happy!!! And when she asked for a non-covered New Year's cake I didn't hesitate to please her :). That meant no fondant, no chocolate, no icing of any kind... So I used a confectionary sugar cover, just sprinkled over the top with a couple of stars, snow flakes and a "2012" and stars made out of gum paste LOL